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To 10 Videos for Writers

Here are some video for writers. We thought we'd have a little fun. These are the top 10 Youtube videos we've found for writers. Please enjoy. The first video is from our sponsor.

10. Isaac Asimov on Science Fiction is one of more serious videos we picked. Around 2,500 people have seen it.

9. The Pardoner's Tale a video animated by Erik Brinkman and sung by Baba Brinkman. This rap on Canterbury is hilarious. About 6,500 people have seen it.

8. Joyce Carol Oates on Character. This video of Joyce Carol Oates discussing character is delightful. It was filmed in Corte Madera, California in June by About 4,000 people have viewed it.

7. Ray Bradbury on Writing. Bradbury gets red faced on questions about the joys of writing. It's a heated clip that we feel illistrates a great deal of the passion the writer brought to the craft. About 9,000 people have seen it.

6. Beowulf is an animated tribute to the ancient brute. We feel it is creative and well done for its own level. We also loved the humor. Only about 200 people have seen the clip, and we feel that's a shame.

    5. Simpsons the Raven many have seen this. It's one of our favoriets. We love Poe by Bart.

    4. Don Quixote. It's been seen about 1,300 times, but we feel its creativity deserves a lot more looks. It's a great deal of fun.

    3. Siegfried Sassoon's In the Trenches. A video by animated by Josien Verwoerd and music by Pete Doherty. It's one of the best animated/sung poems we've ever seen. It's only been seen about 3,000 times.


2. Jack Kerouac explains On the Road to Steve Allen. This is a great interview and clip. It is meaningful to any poet/writer today. A great video.




1. The Dead by Billy Collins. Seen over 630,000 times this clip is animated by Juan Delcan. There's a lot of these clips out there, but this has to be one of the if not the best.