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Here you can promote your zine, ezine, magazine, or journals. You can submit a free ad on our forms page.

name: Regina Varin-Mignano
Category: Publication
Body: ISBN/EAN13: 143482991X / 9781434829917
Page Count: 194
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6"x9"
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / General
About the Book:
Much of the recent research in autism comes from a quantitative, researcher’s viewpoint. However, this book’s mission is to look at the “whole picture” in order to capture the meaning of Autism and its effects on the family. The book is written primarily for social work professionals in the field of autism and developmental disabilities, Students, individuals affected with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families alike, and anyone who has a special interest in the Autism field. In order to capture the impact of autism, the author utilizes her own personal and professional experience in identifying the different aspects that make up the culture of autism: its history, the biological and environmental aspects; past and present governmental and educational policies; the social impact of autism and its impact on the family unit.
Name: North American Review
Category: Publication
Body: FOUNDED IN Boston in 1815, the North American Review is the oldest
literary magazine in the US. Published at the University of Northern Iowa (Cedar
Falls) since 1968, on six occasions during that period, it has been a finalist
for the National Magazine Award (the magazine equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize),
and it has twice won the top award in the Fiction category—in head-to-head
competition with The New Yorker, Harper’s, The Atlantic Monthly, and so on. No
other university-sponsored periodical has an equivalent record of achievement.

Published five times each year, the NAR is well-known for its early discovery of
young, talented fiction writers and poets. But it also publishes creative
nonfiction, with emphasis on increasing concerns about environmental and
ecological matters, multiculturalism, and exigent issues of gender and class.

Visit our website for submission guidelines.
Name: Pens on Fire
Category: Publication
Body: Pens on Fire is looking for poets and short story authors to submit work
to us. We are launching our first PDF version of our online magazine in April of
2007 and we expect to grow big by doing so. Our goals are to help authors
publish, not just with us, but to grow a fan base through our readership that
they can carry over into the realm of big publishing (novels). We hope you will
take a look at what we're trying to do, join our free newsletter, and help
support us by telling anyone you know who may be interested. Thank you.
Posted: 03/01/07

Name: Aaron Leis
Category: Publication
Body: Farrago's Wainscot is an exhibition of weirds, an almanac of
experimentation, decay, and the problems with form. We present ideas: stories
that estrange themselves, articles on anything from wormholes to haberdashery,
poetry that makes of metaphor a transubstantial sigh—a hesitation at the
thresholds of contemporary consciousness and interstitial art. Our reviews may
tie literature to time-slips and hedgerows, or they may simply laud the delicate
sea-tang in an Islay single-malt. An issue may take the sublime as the
mathematics of syntax. It may criticize itself. It may criticize us. Certainly,
it criticizes the border between here and there, between the uncanny and the

Currently, Farrago's Wainscot exists as a year-long studio exhibit. Its various
issues offer narrow glimpses into the greater array of weird culture and
Poetics. Future exhibits will do the same but under different auspices—different
thoughts regarding what coheres at which time with a realization of the bizarre.
Featuring, among others:

Short Fiction by: Forrest Aguirre, Barth Anderson, Beth Bernobich, Leah Bobet,
Hannah Wolf Bowen, Eugie Foster, Samantha Henderson, Michael Jasper, Paul
Jessup, Jay Lake, Jason Erik Lundberg, Timothy Miller, Nancy Jane Moore, Jenn
Reese, David J. Schwartz, E. Sedia, Nisi Shawl.

Poetry by: Bruce Bond, Ryan Cornelius, Mark Cox, Bryan D. Dietrich, Hal Duncan,
Lise Goett, David Lunde.

Wordplay/Miscellany by: Jeffrey Barnes, A. Ross Eckler, Richard Lederer, Rose
Fox, Will Shortz.

Photography/Art by: Richard Bowes, Neal Von Flue, Jay Lake.

A Serial, Hypertext Novel by Mark Teppo.

Farrago is not to be trusted.




Posted: 03/01/07

Name: Misti Rainwater-Lites
Category: Publication
Body: I am putting together a poetry anthology to benefit the West Memphis
Three. If you are not familiar with the case, please educate yourself before
writing me. I will not be able to provide contributors with copies of the
anthology. All the money I make from royalties will go directly to the defense
fund. I don't have any money. I'm publishing the anthology at, a free
print on demand service. I've published several collections of my poetry and
novels there and am pleased with the results. Please paste a short bio and three
poems into the body of an e-mail. I do not like rhyming/spoken word poems. I
would prefer political poems or poems pertaining to the West Memphis Three but
all poems of exceptional quality will be accepted. I will publish three poems
from each contributor. I'm hoping to publish the anthology at this