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Movie Studio Listings

Here is our list of movie production studios. As with all our lists it is still growing. If you are interested in submitting a script to these companies please query them first. Also this list is intended to help all our guest looking for movie or production help. These studios may be looking for scripts, pitches, or already shot and produced films.

100 Percent Entertainment

19 Entertainment


3210 Films

3n1 Entertainment

400 Blows Pictures

44 Blue

4th Row Films

7 Ponies Productions

7th Floor

8 Hats High Animation

9.14 Pictures

900 Films

A Wink and a Nod Productions

A&E Television

Aardman Animations

Abandon Entertainment

Actual Reality


Affiliated Entertainment

Affinity Entertainment

Agamemnon Films

Alamo Films

Alan Jocoby 


Alaska Nomad Production

Alliance Filmworks

Almaden Films

Antley Drive Productions

Beacon Pictions  

Big Picture Studios

Blue Cactus Pictures

Bob Carmichael

Brubaker Films

Burn Pictures

Burrud Productions

Cabiria Films


Catchlight Films

Cecchi Gori Group

Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project

Chiodo Bros. Production

cinemafactory 2006


ClickAss Films

Code Entertainment

Complex Corporation

Corporate Video and Film

CPC Entertainment

Crown International Production

Cry Havoc Productions

Dakota Films

Dark Horse

Deadfish Productions

Derek Power Company

Dereko Entertainment

Dezart Cinematic

Dimension 3

Director General Films

Dreamworks SKG

Earth Lion Productions

Eleventh Day Entertainment

Elysian Pictures

Fast Carrier Pictures



Galactic Pictures

Go Film

God, Sex, and Apple Pie

Grayfox Productions

Green Communications

GreenWater Pictures

Grovy Like a Movie

Hansell Imaginations


Hearst Corporation

Hodge Pictures

Hollywood Wizard

Homestead Productions

HTM Films


Image G

Imagine Entertainment


Insurgency Pictures

Intelliscape Films

Internet Film Community


Jaret Entertainment

John Badham

Kaufman Company

Kingsize Entertainment

Lakeshore Entertainment Group

Larry Thompson

Legacy Film

Leo Films

Leo Grillo Productions

Local Sightings

Ludicrous Productions

MacGillivray Freeman Films

Marina Beach Film Productions

Marullus Productions

Milk and Honey Films

Mindfire Entertainment


Morning Star Entertainment

Motion Picture Marine


Muse Productions

Nasser Entertainment

Ned Stuart

New City Releasing

New Line Cinema

North Beach Films

Nova Pictures

Oblivion Productions

Ocean Park Pictures 

Oil Factory

One Step Productions

Orbit Productions Film

Other People’s Faces Productions

Outlaw Productions

Pacific Focus Inc.

Paradox Films

Parallax Productions

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Vantage

Parker Films

Parrhesia Pictures Inc.

Peace River Films

Peachtree Films

Peacock Films

Peloton Productions

Perspective Films

Petulla Pictures


Phoeix Canyon

Picture Factory Inc.

Pressman Film

Producers Group Studios

Providence Pictures

Pure Grain

Quin Mathews Films

Radical Medina

Reachfar Films

Real D

Real Normal Production

Realtree Productions

Redeemable Features

Renaissance Television and Film

Revelations Entertainment

Reynolds Entertainment

Rezolutions Productions

RKO Pictures

SA Film

Samuel Miller Films

Screen People International

Silver Film

So! Animation

Sony Pictures

Sprocket Heads

Starlight Film Partners

Sundance Channel

Syntax Productions

Telling Pictures

Terence Michael Productions

Think Again Medina

Tripeg Studios

Troma Entertainment

Unger Film

Vision Film Works

VM Productions

Wild Line Films

Zero Pictures