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Manoj Krishna Sanyal



"Warmth" was the winner of our first Myspace poetry comments contest. The poem is from Manojís forthcoming book. Currently his book Poetic Expressions does not have an online presence. He is seeking an online retailer or distributor to work with. He also has 2 unpublished collections of poetry that are seeking publication with a western publisher. The collections entail free verse and rhymes and sonnets, villanelle, terza rima, and other forms respectively. Please contact Manoj at You can also visit his myspace page at   


Writer Manoj Krishna Sanyal is a 59 year old engineer residing in Kolkata, India. He wrote to EWR from there.


ďAs an engineer, I never thought that I would be writing poetry. I heard that creativity is for artists and surely, I am not an artist. May be, engineering is also an art for technological excellence. The embedded imaginative thoughts have come very late and after out thirty-five years of service. In my humble effort, I have tried to incorporate my views and feelings in love, spiritual, nature, philosophy and social perspective to the best of my capability. In order to take care of other areas, I have also added a few humor and satires along with couple of children poems. English poetry being combination of form poetry, rhymes and free verse/prose poetry, I have written some of them in forms e.g. sonnets, villanelle, lanturnes, haiku, senryu, cinquain, limerick etc with syllable counting, meter and various rhyming schemes. Indian pronunciations being different than normal English speaking British/Americans, there may be inadvertent errors, which may please be pardoned. Overall, I have tried to make this book generally complete with common type rhyming poems and free verse thoughts using metaphor and imagery as well."


Manoj concludes, "I dedicate this book to you all and poetic fraternity. I shall be happy if you all like the poems and enjoy the poetics.Ē




Comfort sleeps with quilt

They snore in chilly winter

And wake up with broods.


Naked we awake

Tingly moonlight drenches us

Sleep eludes but fresh.


Frosty dawn steps in

They shiver with hot coffee

Entwined cozy us.


Sun behind the clouds

Wishes wavy heat transfer

And then shines with winks.

© Manoj Krishna Sanyal

© © Manoj Krishna Sanyal