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Please help us update our listings and visit our Book Publishers News Blog. If you have information about a publisher that would be helpful to other writers please leave a

comment and we'll add it to our listings.






Book Publishers

Here is our big list of book publishers. At this time we have a little over 400 on the list. If you would like to submit a publisher, please email us. We have also created a book publishers blog where you can give us information about publishers. We are currently updating these listings and creating short reviews for each publisher. For inquiry and submissions information please visit the publisher's website. If you have comments about a publisher please post them here. If you have had a positive or negative experience with one of these publishers please let us know.   

Abbeville Press

  • No information on site.



  • Educational and reference publishers with a focus on history and social studies. Been in business since 1953.



  • Art and illustrated books. Produce 250 titles annually.



  • Literary publisher of poetry, language arts, and young adult books as well as fiction. (Award Winning)


Action Tales

  • Charges fees

Adamant Press 

  • Small book publishers of literary works and poetry.


Adams Medina

  • Non-fiction, self-help, business, and others. Taking submissions of proposals.

Addicus Books

  • Nonfiction mainly health titles. Founded 1994.

Addison-Wesley and Benjamin Cummings

  • Education publisher

Avocado Press

  • Small publisher of poetry, fiction, disability books.

Ageless Press

  • No information

Ahadada Books

  • Literary/small publisher

Ahsahta Press

  • Literary and poetry publisher of Boise State University

AK Press

  • Independent publisher and distributor

Akashic Books 3

  • Independent publisher of literary fiction and political nonfiction. Submission information on site.

Algonquin Books

  • Small independent publish of fiction and nonfiction email inquiries

Algora Publishing

  • Nonfiction book publisher

Allen A. Knoll, Publishers

  • Publishes fiction, nonfiction, children's.

Alter Ego Editions

  • Canadian publisher of translation

Alyson Books

  • Gay and Lesbian publisher of fiction and short stories. Seeking submissions.


  • Medical training books.

Amber Quill Press

  • Fiction publisher of a multitude of categories.

Anansi Press

  • Canadian publisher of literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Andrews McMeel Publishing

  • Publishes a multitude of titles in many categories, publishes calendars, and comics as well (Calvin and Hobbes).

Androgyny Books

  • Small indie publisher of short stories, poetry, and translation. Taking submissions.

Anvil Press

  • Indie publisher of contemporary progressive lit in all genres. (8 to 10 titles a year, Canadian authors only at this time.

Apex Press

  • Publishing fiction and politics, NY publisher.

Apogee Press

  • Berkeley publisher of poetry.

Arcade Publishing

  • American indie publisher of fiction and nonfiction.

Archer Books

  • Publishes fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

Archipelago Books

  • Nonprofit press publishing contemporary lit of fiction and poetry.

Arion Press

  • Publishes limited edition unique books.

Arsenal Pulp Press

  • Canadian/Vancouver publisher of fiction and nonfiction, "cultural and gender studies; gay, lesbian, and multicultural literature; cookbooks; and guidebooks."

ARTE Public Press

  • University of Huston press publishes Hispanic authors to bring them into the mainstream.

Arundel Books

  • Distributor and publisher since 1984. Distributes rare out-of-print books, and publishes "ant and poetry."

Aunt Lute Books

  • "A Not-for-profit" Multicultural Women's Press publishing since 1982. (Poetry) Submission info on site.

Authors Studio

  • "Books...the most exotic, least expensive vacation." Submission info on site.

Avalon Publishing

  • A publish group composed of several companies. Publishes varies titles including travel and fiction.


Avocet Press Inc.

Back Waters Press

Banff Centre

Bantam Dell Publishing Group

Barrow Street

Baycrest Books

Bayeux Arts

Beacon Press

Beagle Bay Books

Bella Books

Bellevue Literary Press

Between the Lines

Big Bridge press

Big Small Press Mall

BkMk Press

Black Dress Press

Black Heron Press

Black Moss Press

Blast Books


Bleak House Books

Blue Heron Press

Bold Strokes Books

Bombshelter Press

Book Publishing Company

Borzoi Reader

Bottom Dog Press

Boyds Mills Press

Break Away Books


Briery Creek Press

Brighid’s Fire Books

Bright Hill Press

Broken Jaw Press

Burning Deck

Burping Frog Publishing

Buschek Books


Cadmus Editions

Caitlin Press

Calaca Press


Carolina Wren Press

Catbird Press

Catholic Books

CavanKerry Press

Changeling Press

Chardon Press Books

Chax Press

Chelsea Green Publishing

Chiasmus Press

Chicory Blue Press

Chronicle Books

Cinco Puntos Press

City Lighrs Books

Clarity Press Inc.

Clear Cut Press

Cleis Press

Coach House Books

Common Courage Press

Confluence Press 

Conundrum Press

Cormorant Books

Coteau Books

Creation Books

Creative book Publishing

Criswell Predicts

Cumulus Press

Curbstone Press

CUZ Editions

Cyclops Press

Dalkey Archive Press

DC Books

Dell Publishing

Denali Press

Dharma Publishing

Door Jam Press

Dorchester Publishing

Dorchester Publishing

Driftwood Press

Dufour Editions

Dugan Books

Durations Press

Dzanc Books

ECW Press

Edge Books

Edgewise Press

Eknath Easwaran’s Eight Point Press

Ekstasis Editions

Elixir Press

Elysium Press

Etruscan Press

Exact Change

Extasy Books

EZP Publishing

Faith Writers

Fantagraphics Books

Feminist Press

Fence Books

Feral House

Fern Wood Books

Figure Skating Fiction

Find Horn Press 

Finishing Line Press

Fire Brand books

Firewheel Editions

First Intensity

Five and Ten Press

FLF Press

Flood Editions

Floricanto Press

Four Walls Eight Windows

Fourway Books

Frederic C. Beil Publishers

Freedoms Voice

Fremantle Arts Centre Press

Frog Hollow Press

Futuretense Books

Garamond Press

Garrett County Press

Genesis Press

George Braziller Inc.

Gerogetown University Press

Ghost Road Press

Gibbs Smith Publisher

Gingko Press

Gival Press

Glad Day Books 

Gorsky Press

Granary Books

Graywolf Press

Great American Publishing Society

Green Boathouse

Green Dragon Press

Green Integer Books

Guernica Editions

Hamilton Stone

Hanging Loose Press


Hard Press


Harvest Books

Hawk Publishing

Haworth Press

Haymarket Books

Hill Street Press

Himalayan Institute

Hodder Headline

Holy Cow Press

Host Publications

Howard Publishing

Human Rights First

Human Rights Watch

Hyperion Books

Ig Publishing

In Our Own Words

Inner Traditions

Inns Free press

Insomniac Press

International Publishers

Intrigue Press

Invisible Cities Press

Island Press

ISM Press Books

Ivy House Publishing Group

Jargon Society

Jessica Kingsley Publishing

Jodere Group

John Daniel & Company

Jolly Roger

Just Us Books

Justin, Charles & Co.


Kearny Street

Kelsey St. Press

Kensington Books

Kore Press


Kumarian Press Books

La Alameda Press

Lachesis Publishing


Last Gasp

Leapfrog Press

Leaping Dog press

Lee and Low Press

Les Figues Press

Lost Horse Press

Ludlow Press

Lumen Books

Lynne Rienner Publishers

Maisonneuve press

Mandala Publishing

Many Names Press

March Street Press

Marion Boyars

Marsh Hawk Press

Mayapple Press

McKenna Publishing

Mcsweeney’s Books

Meow Press

Mercury House

Meritage Press

Milkweed Editions

Millvres Prowler Group

Monthly Review Press

Mountain Voice Publishers

Mountaineer Books

Moving Parts press

Mystery Box

Nation Books

New Directions Publishing Corp.

New Horizon Press Books

New Leaf Books

New Mystery Novels

New Rivers Press

New Society Publishers

New Star Books Publisher

new Victoria Publishers

NewSage Press

Night Shade Books

Nightboat Books

No Tell Books

Noemi press

Norte Books

North Atlantic Books

O Books

Oat City 


Ontario Review press

Oolichan Books

Open city

Open Hand

Orange Frazer Press

Orbis Books

Orchises Press

Other Press

Owl Press


Parallax Press

Paris Press

Parlor Press

Pavement Saw

Paycock press

Pearl Street Publishing

Pecan Grove Press


Penmaen Press Books

Perceval Press

Persea Books

Perugia Press

Pink Flamingo

Plainview Press 

Plaster Cramp Press

Pleasure Boat Studio


Pluto Books

Poisoned Press

Poltroon Press

Post Apollo Press

Potter’s Field Press

Powerhouse Books

Press 53


Primary Point pres 

Pudding House Publications

Pulp Fiction

Random House Publishing Group

Rank Books

Realtion Books

Red Bone Press

Red Crane Books

Red Hen Press

Red Letter Press

Red Morning Press

Red Wheel

Roof Books

Roseway Publishing

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Salvo Press

Sandrilyn Publiscations

Sands Publishing House

Santa Monica Press

Sarabande Books

Sasquatch Books

Sass Books

Scarlet Tanager Books

Seal Press

Second Story Press

See Sharp Press

Segue Foundations

Sentient Publications

Serpent’s Tail

Seven Stories Press

Shambhala Publications

Shoemaker & Hoard

Signature Editions

silverfish Review Press

Simon ^ Schuster, INC.

Six Gallery Press

Small Beer Press

Small Garlic Press

Smart Art Press

Smith, The

Snow Lion Publications

Soft Skull

Soho Press

South End Press

Spilled Candy Books

Spinsters Ink

Spring Harbor Press

Spuyten Duyvil

Star Cloud Press

Station Barrytown

Steerforth Press

Stolen Time Publishing

Stone Bridge Press

Stone Dragon Press


Sunshine Press

Swan Isle Press

Tachyon Publications

Talon Books

Tam Tam Books

Tantalizing Tales

Teachers & Writers

Tebot Bach

Texas Western Press

Thornwillow Press Publishers

Thunder’s Mouth Press

Tilbury House, Publishers

Time Warner Bookmark/Mystery

TSAR Publications

Tupelo Press

Turnstone Press

Turtle Point Press


Tyndale House Publishers

Uccelli Press

Ugly Duckling Presse

Ulysses Books

Unbridled Books

Vehicule Press

Verso Books

Virago Press

Volcano Press

Walker Books

Washington Writer’s Publishing House

Watchword Press

Water Row Books

Whereabouts Press


Whiskey Creek Press


White Cliffs Medina

White Pine

Wicked Velvet


Willow Gate Press

Wind Publications

Winged Lion Press


Winnow Press

Winterhouse Editions

Wisdom Publications

Women Publishing in Asia

Women’s Press

Women’s Press

Wooster Books

Word Warriors Press

Word Works

Word Wrangler Publishing

Words on the Street

Yardbird   / 

Yellow Moon Press

Zed Books

Zephyr Press

Zumaya Publications