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Free Classifieds for Writers



We had to make a change to the way you post your writer's classifieds. We were getting 100s of classifieds per day, and it was impossible for our system to handle. We were getting 100s more in spam, and it was crashing the system. We know these blogs may not be the best solution, but right now it is the only solution we have. We are working on new software and scripts for the site, and we soon will be changing servers. We did not want to end our free classifieds service in the meantime.

These blogs do offer many benefits to you. Your ad will be on a feed, and your links will help to increase your ratings in search engines. For now it is our solution, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

 If you would like to post an ad pick a category below and then click on the "Post a comment" link.  With over 40,000 views per week, it might be worth your time.   

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If you have a question about our free writer's classifieds or if you would like to suggest a category, please email us.