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Newly Updated List


One of our most popular lists the most complete listing of Horror Magazines on the web has just been updated. 110 of the best zines and magazines you can find anywhere. View the list.



Featured list:


This list was one of the earliest created for the site. It is a wonderful resource for those of you looking to publish your literary work with more well established magazines University Magazines.



The Big List:


Our site will soon be changing, so we want to remind everone about what links we have avalable. The Big List has been around for about 6 years. It is THE largest collections of zine links on the web. THE BIG LIST.


Workshop Resources for Writers


I’ve been looking at the resources on our site and thinking, “Hmmm, there’s something missing." I realized we do not have any kind of “helpful sites writers use for writing” listed here.  These are some general sites in 3 areas.






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Joshua Minton




































A New Way to Suggest a Publication


We get hundreds of emails per week asking to list new magazines, and it's hard to keep up! All that email makes a mess. Please try our new way to suggest.


Should I get an MFA in Creative Writing?

The Good, Bad and Ugly If you are considering going for your MFA in Creative Writing here are a few things to keep in mind: read the article.  



How to Create a Successful Writer's Blog


It’s a no-brainer that writers need a presence on the web these days. Even the best selling authors have a place to showcase their work. Myspace and Facebook are two very good sites for developing writers to make it easy for people to access a writers work, but when it comes to writing on the web should a writer go with a blog or a website? Read more.










EWR Launches a New Site!


Vote New Music  is a new sister site of EWR. Now you can promote your music, listen and promote other bands. Visit the site.




Our Free Classifieds Have Changed


Our free classifieds for writers have changed. Now you can post your classified ads immediately without the wait! Post your ad and see it right now.



How to Promote Your Writing Even If It Hasn't Been Published


We all know as writers it’s difficult to get our work out there. Here are 10 things you can do even before your writing has been published. Not in any order.  Read the article.






Video on Poets and Writers


We've picked some of our favorite videos on writers from YouTube. Everything from the Simpsons to Beowulf, Billy Collins and Ray Bradbury. We love finding new videos that tell us there are others out there who love seeing writers and creating art as much as we do. Just fun for those who love writing. Watch them.






How to Submit a Short Story

 Some writers will post work on their myspace or web pages and let 100s of people read it, but they are afraid to get 1 rejection from an editor. This is silly. Writing might be a lone process. We may be alone in creating our worlds, but sharing your writing with others is one of the most fulfilling experiences of the literary process. Read the article.





Message Boards For Writers: We Need Your Help


 We are pushing to build a community here at EWR, and we would like for you to sign up. Click here if you are interested. Also, we are looking for a moderator for the boards. If you are interested and it works out, we'll feature you on this front page. Read Writers Message Boards "Board News from the Admin" for details.



Problems with Our Free  Classifieds for Writers?


Have you had trouble with posting a free classified on our site? All your classifieds should now be posted. It took much longer than expected. We are sorry and wish to explain...



Best Online Literary Magazines


Online literary magazines never get enough credit. They are still many times over looked as an inspirational high art form. In the past few years many have begun to be recognized by national anthologies, established writers, and even mass media. In all of our research collecting thousands of urls for our pages, these online magazines are the ones we feel are the bery. See the list.




World Wide Writer's Interactive


We are working to make Every Writer's Resouces a fully interactive site for writers. We want you to help us build our lists and our community. Join our message boards, update our listings through our blogs, or post your free classifieds. Use this page as the hub to our site, and you'll find listings of all of our resources for writers. Visit the hub.




How do I find New Music?


Frustrated with the radio and television music channels? We've begun to look elsewhere for our listening options. Take control of your listening with a little research. Discovering new music isn't so hard if you know where to look. Read the article.



If You’re Serious About Writing, You Need Your Own Website


Joshua Minton author of Flipping the Temple: Win the Information War Using the Internet to Achieve Fantastic Success as an Artist tells you why, as a writer, you need your own website. This web savvy author has built a large following with the ever popular site Boys Wear Pant, Men Wear Trousers. Follow his tactics to increase your marketability, and take control of your writing career. Read Josh's article.





Top 50 Literary Magazines


Okay, so we are putting ourselves on the line and bringing you the Top 50 Literary Magazines. No one will agree with our list, but we have to be bold and give our suggestion. The field of magazines is both robust and messy. A tiered system just isn't going to cut it. Prestige is subjective, but these magazines are continuously catching attention. Also see which of the top 50 are taking online submissions and support them. Get your emails ready and let us know if you disagree. See our list.





How to Format your Manuscript


Don't get labeled a newbie before the editorial assistant pulls your manuscript all the way out of the box. Here's a few tips on what the book publishing company editors look for before the manuscript even hits their desks. There's no one right way of formatting, but you can do it the wrong way. Let the editors make their decision about your manuscript based on story and content and not on formatting. Read the article.




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We are  interested in publishing articles  on writing, poetry, music, publishing, and movies. Please email us for further information.

Our Interview with Robert Pinsky

Robert Pinsky is the author of 19 books of poetry and criticism. He is one of America’s best known poets and served as Poet Laureate of the United States from 1997 to 2000. His work The Figured Wheel: New and Collected Poems 1966-1996 won the 1997 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize and was a Pulitzer Prize nominee. Mr. Pinsky responded to our questions by email. Read the interview.


Joshua Radin


Joshua Radin About his Influences and Music

Joshua Radin’s music has created compelling emotional landscapes for such television shows as Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, and North Shore. His song “Star Mile” is on The Last Kiss movie soundtrack. His new album We Were Here received 4 stars from Rolling Stone. Joshua Radin answered our questions about the creative process and his influences. Read the interview.


Junot Díaz

Junot Díaz: Straight on Influences and Creation

Junot Díaz was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. His stories have appeared in the in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Story and have been featured in Best American Short Stories, and Best American Short Fiction. Díaz is the author of the critically acclaimed bestseller Drown. He is a graduate of Rutgers University, and he received his M.F.A. from Cornell University. His new novel will be out in 2007. He currently teaches writing at MIT. Read the interview.

Stephen Dunn


Words and Ideas with Stephen Dunn

Stephen Dunn is the author of 14 collections of poetry and the winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for his work Different Hours. He is the recipient of many awards including the James Wright Prize, three fellowships from the National Endowment of the Arts and a fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. He answered our question about his writing and ideas by email. His newest collection Everything Else in the World is out from W. W. Norton. Read the interview.

Andrei Codrescu

Our Interview with Andrei Codrescu


Essayist, National Public Radio columnist, novelist, poet, screenwriter, and editor of Exquisite Corpse, Andrei Codrescu answered our questions about editing and writing. Codrescu was born in Romania in 1946 and came to the United States in 1966. He is a regular on NPR’s All Things Considered and a MacCurdy Distinguished Professor of English and comparative literature at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He has published a vast body of work. Read the interview.

Michael Truckpile


Truckpile on Writing

Singer songwriter Michael Truckpile speaks with EWR about his songwriting and his inspiration. Michael Truckpile the self titled CD is out through Art of the Underground Records. Read our interview with Michael Truckpile.

EWR Interviews Big Bridge Editor

Michael Rothenberg


Editor and poet Michael Rothenberg talked with EWR about his experiences as the editor of the long running Big Bridge and Big Bridge press. The zine is considered by many to be one of the best online publications on the web. Rothenberg, founder and editor, discusses his views on internet publishing and writing as a whole. Read our interview with Rothenberg.